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Live Pimpin Review

All girls $0.99 a minute!
Live Pimpin is a super bargain but what about the rest? Well, it looks like they changed the look of the site. It has been a while I admit. Compared to all the best cam sites it looks cool. I like that grungy layout.
The camgirls profiles are standard profiles with some information and pictures, and there are some contests to win money every couple of weeks. I recommend the link at the top for top 100 girls. Damn, there are some smoking girls on that list. I think that the owners of this site are smart because in these lean economic times people are looking for a deal and 99 cents a minute is a damn good deal.
So if you just got paid today and got a pocketful of change then head over and see The Pimp.
Visit Live Pimpin

I couldn’t resist posting this pic.
Ok, I can not figure out how some of these other reviewers can come up with so much filler bullshit for such an ordinary site. Anyways, the layout is relatively clean, and the colors are not garish and don’t send me into a psychotic episode. So far so good. On the right-hand side of the page to search for girls via different categories which are good. According to one review its superb quality video and another it’s not. Ok, lets get this straight. Any video is only as good as the weakest link. If the girl has a crap camera, you get shit video. If your connection sucks or hers sucks, then you get crap. So I have no review of the video because of its a waste, just like this paragraph. Hahahahh
Here are the highlights of
* To chat with the girls you need to make a free account.
* A paid account will get access to more of their pics.
* There is a rating system.
* They have cam-2-cam to show off your studly self

The price range on is from $1.49 to $4.99 am the minute. The average I saw was around 2 to 3 dollars. The chat host choose the price. The recorded shows, however, are cheaper with a price of 99 cents a minute that’s not a bad deal.

Streamate is a bargain site. The interface is relatively simple, and I found it was to navigate. The girls are varied there are lots of categories to choose from.

The girls determine the price, and I found as little as $1.99 to $3.79 a minute. The price range may be higher, but I could not find it posted anywhere. As far as money though you can set a daily limit. This is good for those of you that don’t always know when to stop. When you enter the show, a one-time activation fee is charged and credited back after the show starts.The activation fee is the first minute of the show, so if you chat hostess charges $1.99, then that is the activation fee for that show. You can get full access to every model’s recorded videos for $14.99 a month. Which is not a bad deal at all.
Overall it’s a good bargain site. All the videos for $15 and plenty of girl at $1.99 a minute.



Flirt 4 Free is similar to LiveJasmin in that you can make an account and you can chat with the girls and decide if you want to have a private show. The layout is clean and not killing me with crazy colors, and I can find my way around very quickly. If you sign up for the free account, you get 120 credits. I couldn’t figure out how to use them, and it says You have 120 credits remaining in your account. Then I realized its only 2 minutes anyways so why bother. I don’t know what I can do in two minutes.
I like that the chat window runs the length of the screen so I can keep up if it’s really going. Maybe it’s the 30-inch monitor I have that makes it look good. I like the bar on the right that shows models and status. Nothing worse than clicking and getting Chathost in private or some other variation. The video was relatively good, and the models were hit and miss. Every site is like this, and I have no idea why I keep telling you this. Note to self, Stop telling them this.
Models are Free chat, Semi-Private, and Private. The model profiles have, photos, reviews, blog, VOD, and gifts. Pretty much the standard fare.
300 Credits 29.99
600 Credits $59.99
900 Credits $89.99
1,080 Credits $99.99
1,200 Credits $119.99
1,800 Credits $179.99
2,400 Credits $239.99
VIP 300 Credits $53.95

So now to my price calculation. Correct me if I am wrong. A private 1-on-1 is 60 credits a minute. So 10 minutes is 600 credits, and that costs 59.99. Wow. That’s a lot if you ask me. Then again I’m on a budget. Overall its a little pricey for me but if you got the dough then, by all means, check it out because the site is overall a good site and easy to use.
Here are some more notes on the price structure.

Private 1-on-1 60 Credits/min.
Voyeur Mode Watch someone else show in larger video 20 Credits/min.
Premiere 1-on-1 The premier model and larger faster video 90 Credits/min.
Premiere Voyeur Mode Watch someone else Premier model show 30 Credits/min.
Semi-Private Multiple users each with own chat. Larger, faster video 30 Credits/min.
Multi-User Multiple customers were chatting in private with more than one model 60 Credits/min.
Group Chat Group chat with another customer. (VIP account this is free) 20 Credits/min.
Feature Shows Shows with porn stars. VIP members get these free 30 Credits/min.

Rating 3.00 out of 5

Dungeon Video Chat is a niche site for CamContacts. Don’t worry this is my last review of their niche sites. This site is the most Fetish type site they have. If you don’t want more than hardcore, then you will want to go to The review is listed in the links.
I gave it the same rating as because it’s basically the same thing just filtered.


CamsexNow is a niche site for CamContacts. Haha. Yeah by now you have figured out they have a lot of niche sites. It’s a marketing thing but if you like a particular thing, it gets you the chat hosts you want. The girls are from CamContacts, and they are the ones that have chosen certain categories in their profile.

If you don’t want more than hardcore, then you will want to go to The review is listed in the links.
I gave it the same rating as because it is the same thing just filtered.

Rating 3.00 out of 5

Russian Woman Cam is a niche site for CamContacts. The girls are from CamContacts, and they are the ones that have chosen Russian in their profile. The site does list all the hardcore categories, but it has the Friends and Family, Make New Friends. And Long Term Or Marriage listed first.
You know International relationships can be a challenge.

I know from experience. I can tell you that at least 50%, and that is no exaggeration, of girls on dating sites from Russia are scammers. In a way, I might trust this more if they are in the Long Term / Marriage category. At least here they had to sign up and use their proper ids. I don’t think many scammers come onto this type of site.

It would not take long before they were banned. So check it out. If you are not looking for webcam action and looking to find someone from across the pond. Drop me a line. I might have some good advice for you.
I gave it the same star rating as but I will say this site is nicely laid out and looks good.

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