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My Favorite Cam Sites

All the adult webcam sites that got at least three of my stars are worth your time and bucks. Don’t get me wrong. Just because I like my paddle cum coated and then sucked dry doesn’t mean my XXX picks are going to please all the folks out there in the cam-cum land.

Serious sites offer A LOT of different courses on their menus. Click on whatever suits you and get a mouthful. Just don’t be too fucking eager or you’ll choke on your first bite. It would surely be a shame with all those wet cunts running wild and just waiting to be tamed.

If I were stuck on a lost island and had to choose only three sex cam sites so that I could jerk off while wading knee-deep in the ocean – they would have to be:

Pussy Licking and Other Hobbies

Watching two boner loving lesbians having wild sex on webcam, licking each other’s cum, sucking each other’s nipples and fucking themselves with giant dildos is my personal idea of paradise. I want my firm pussy plunger treated by professionals, not by amateur phone babes if you dig, and if sweetheart wants to chat then all I want to hear is “honey, do me harder!”

It’s not easy finding exactly what you like and usually you get blue balls a few of times before you get it right. I’ve done the legwork for you don’t worry about that. All of the sites on my site are guaranteed to get your Johnson smiling.

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