Sexy Adult Webcams – Flies in the Ointment?

Common Cam Pitfalls

So this whole webcam sex scene just sounds too delicious to be nutritious? Damned straight. Like everything in life, you have to know what’s up or it can be a long way down.

The basic point to understand is that you’re paying per minute. The babes you’re grooving with know this, so they like to take it slow before they dive too low. The only exceptions are the higher priced cam rooms where 2.99 – 5.99 per minute is normal and some upscale sites (like that have special deals or Happy Hours).

So, just like you don’t waltz into a casino without having a budget and bankroll, know your limits when you go hunting for webcam flesh. Don’t be the moron we read about who sold his house to pay for endless hours on adult cam sites . That’s not too much to ask for, right? Like the booze, makers say, “Drink in moderation.”

Other than that, as long as you stick to established webcam sites, you’re ready to go. The adult porn industry is relatively old and internally regulated. Major players take care of their customers. So sometimes the best way not to get bitten is to swim with the sharks and leave the guppies behind.

You’ll find that some sites may have better video or voice quality; others may have a wider selection of sex kittens and available body parts. But the big players are gonna treat you fairly. Hell, it’s bad for business and porn is all about the biz.

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