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OK, so you probably heard about live adult webcamming, the hottest new trend in online porn, and you’re wondering what all the fuss is about? Or should you give it a try one of these nights? So, that’s why I’m here. At Adult Cam Reviews we try real hard to get you acquainted with the whole nude webcam scene.

Since this site is basically a labor of love, all I can do is try and help you understand the basics and then send you on your way.Hopefully well equipped to find the live webcam site best suited for your needs, and improve your odds of getting the most out of the “hot cams” experience. I’ll also tell you all about using Echeck, credit cards, PayPal, ePassporte and all the other natural and discreet payment methods. Some of the sites are better known than others, but even the relatively new way to pay for adult webcam sex, like Payoneer, are still worth checking out because the right payment option can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Top Sex Cam Sites Prices:

  • SlutRoulette – 1.99$
  • Flirt4Free 1.99$-2.5$
  • 0.98$ – 4.98$
  • 1.99$
  • 0.99$- 4.99$
  • MyFreeCams 1.99$

Check out my full cam sites comparison: Prices, quality, and features.

I’ve tried to summarize all the major topics, and if I’ve forgotten something, I’m sure you’ll enjoy finding it out on your own.
Looking for webcam sex is fun, but ever since Eve and that goddamned apple, we all know that you need money to stroke the bunny, follow what I’m saying? So listen up while I lay the lowdown on payment options at the better live adult webcam sites.

I Just Want to Get Off – Quick, What the Hell Do I Do?

OK dogs, there’s nothing to it. Pick a site that smells good to you, sniff, sniff. I happen to love the babes at For those how to spell, the next thing you gotta do is register.

Takes only a few seconds. Hell, it’s even free. Now hold your breath and pull out your wallet. Reach deep in there and think good thoughts. Fill the little form and you’re ready to go (or cum). That’s all folks. Now cruise the site and find your hot nude fantasy, you know the one that makes you drip those drops. Just keep in mind that you’re paying by the minute here, so don’t try to impress anyone with your stamina, my mighty friend.
Common Cam Site Payment Methods:

As you all Know, all the nudie cam sites¬†¬†accept the major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners, JCB, Discover Card…) for payment, heck, you can even pay for your sex cam sessions with any of the oh so glorious debit cards too, hurray!

But let’s say you’re stuck somewhere in 1997 and don’t like forking out credit card information on the web or are nervous about it showing up on your bill? Well, you can still get yourself a live camgirl in loads of other ways now.

You can use most of your online accounts now to pay for your online credit to keep your dirty little secret to yourself. Most chat sites accept payments via your PayPal, ePoch or CCBill accounts and if you don’t have one yet, don’t despair, just climb out from under the rock you’ve been hiding and start your anonymous chatting!

But it doesn’t stop there either. Some of the major sites offer further methods of payment too. Sending money via your ePassporte account makes things easier and if you pay with Moneygram or a Wire Transfer, you can earn extra bonuses too.

Buying Time

What I mean here is how the sex webcam site is going to sell you time for getting the hot and lickable babes to drop their pants for a loser like you, no offence baby. Most cam sites either charge per minute or let you buy a block of 30-60 minutes that you can use with any of their nude webcam babes and guys. So when you you’re paying in advance with your PayPal or ePassporte account and you buy a set amount of time, you can spend less time thinking about your wallet and more time spanking the monkey.

Some smaller cam sites also sell flat monthly plans where you pay a set fee every month and eat all the booty you want, like a buffet, but with Kleenex.
Adult Webcam Costs

Here’s the deal – you basically have the illusion of choice. You can go for a cheap site, where the average price per minute is like 0.90, BUT the chicks are gonna be shyer than a big-eyed 19 year old Mormon bitch who never left the dairy farm. So, getting her fingers to do the walking, instead of all that fucking talking, is gonna take a while. Boring. Unless you’re into shy babes, and there’s nothing wrong with that, hell it’s a clean and harmless fetish, I suppose.

Now the only exception to the ‘shy but cheap’ babe gig is during happy hour. Their absolutely awesome happy hour is a unique feature at Unlike traditional Happy Hours at bars, this is always going on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The deal is that there are always hosts that offer a special discount for members. What this means, is that you get some nasty play time with gorgeous women for like 0.99 to 1.99 per sex-filled minute. And I mean filled.

Plus if you pay with MoneyGram or Wire Transfer, you get loads of free credit too.

Average Sexcam Prices

Don’t believe any adult webcam site that offers you totally free nude webcams. It’s just not real. There is however, a thing called Free Sex Chat, and I made a whole page about it, so if you want to learn more about it, go your knock yourself out. There are some hot deals and promotions, and I’ve already mentioned the best ones. Other than that, you’re gonna be paying 0.99 to 5.99 per minute, depending on the site and what you wanna watch. Figure more for couples, threesomes, shemales, and all that tasty stuff. The more you pay, the hotter the action. Kinda what you’d expect, but just charge it through CCBill or Epoch and it’ll be your little secret anyway.

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